Design Range

All design products protect the hair against UV and external influences with the DLP2 system (double layer protection) they are gentle and contain functional natural ingredients.

Tried and tested in the KEUNE lab by Hairstylists All products contain a UV filter to protect your hair against our Australian climate


Care Range

Essential minerals from natural sources play a key role in silky smooth easy to manage hair.

1922 J.M. Keune 

1922 by J.M. Keune Range

Thinning hair, dandruff, dull hair all relate to poor function of the scalp.

The 1922 by J.M. Keune Range products have been specially created to keep men’s hair and scalp healthy through essential minerals.


So Pure Natural Balance

Discover the So Pure Balance hair wellness experience with plant extracts, essential oils and Argan oil to nourish the hair straight from our Planets offerings.

Vegan friendly, animal friendly, parabhen and sulphate FREE

An exclusive professional hair cosmetic line offering colour, aromatherapy home hair care, treatments and styling ranges